Digital Marketing Professional

Andrew-cropped-resized180  I am a Digital Marketing Professional with an excellent foundation in Paid Per Click Marketing with solid knowledge in SEO, Social Media, Display, BD/Affiliate programs and Email Marketing. Armed with a BS in Managerial Economics, Minor in Communication and MBA from Santa Clara University, I feel that I am ready to continue down a leadership path in Online Marketing in the Silicon Valley.

  As a leader, my philosophy is to train my employees not only in their area of expertise, but an overall understanding of the company and having an ownership of the products. This leads to marketers who can understand the customer, think creatively, make concrete suggestions to product and work well with engineers.

Proven track record of managing large scale campaigns (30MM+ KWs and $25+ MM yearly spend) and aggressive scaling with continuous innovation and consistent growth. Starting my career off in the new and used car lead generation, Family History and People Search – I have seen some highly competitive verticals. I believe that online marketing is a combination of analytical prowess, creativity, understanding of product/service and an ultimate focus on the consumer.

Experienced in product and site optimizations through deep collaboration with product, analytics and engineering. Capable of building and retaining a team of well rounded marketing individuals who not only understand marketing and best practices, but also understand the company vision and objectives and how marketing fits in holistically.

Specialties: paid search, cpc, ppc marketing, mobile marketing, site optimization, split testing, display advertising, customer segmentation, google analytics, competitive intelligence, web analytics, internal reporting and communications

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