Andrew Wong  I am a fun-loving, happy-go-lucky guy who was born and raised in the bay area. My biggest passions in life are my friends and family (including the dog), photography, travel, and cycling.

  A number of my interests tie together as they can be visually fascinating, new experiences and include elements of creativity. I believe that a much of this was influenced by growing up in the Bay Area. Being a native of such a beautiful region, I am spoiled by amazing weather, a plethora of amazing cycling roads, spectacular sunsets and a melting pot of culture and foods.


    More Recently, I have started to become more aware of my fitness and how I need to keep it up to stay healthy and keep my body strong as I grow older (sad, but true). I joined a local cycling club Peninsula Velo and hope to race in the coming year. To the right is a picture of me suffering (up a pathetic hill) on the back side of Tunitas Creek road near Half Moon Bay.

  Outside of cycling and photography, I spend most of my waking hours with my wife and dog. Often times I don’t express in words how much they have influenced my life, but they are truly a blessing in my life.
Andrew and Betty

  The photo on the left is the day that we got engaged, and I will never forget that. Betty has been a real pillar in my life, helping me find balance from some of my foolish ways in the past. A huge reason why I am pursuing a number of things in my life is because I want to be there for her, to support and love her for the rest of my life.

  Below, is an image of our dog, Bleu. She’s been a bundle of joy and was born on 3/6/12. We were lucky enough to find her and her brother in San Mateo. Her brother Datsyuk is owned by my best man, Peter and his wife.

Bleu Bleu was definitely a handful when we first got her as a puppy.  It was a challenge, but she is definitely worth it! As most dog owners know, dog people are happy people. Bleu has taught us so much about love, friendship and loyalty. She’s just the cutest, sweetest nugget!

  In May of 2014, we welcomed home our second puppy, Taro Taiyaki! She’s super sweet and much more active than Bleu. She’s also food motivated, but more play motivated than anything else. She can play fetch until utter exhaustion!

18645476_1706863116273231_4310418586876248064_n And finally, my passion for photography has evolved over time. I mainly love taking pictures of landscapes and sunsets.  My tool of choice is my Sony A99 with the Zeiss 16-35mm f/2.8 lens, but occasionally I’ll use the Olympus OM-D EM-5 with a beautiful Leica 25mm f/1.4

Now that’s enough about me! Time to read what I’ve been up to!



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