Burlingame Criterium

  Waking up at 4AM for anything isn’t easy, but it was a good chance to volunteer for Pen Velo and the Burlingame Community. Pen Velo hosts a cycling race every year called the Burlingame Criterium and Ryan’s Ride (a memorial ride). It requires a ton of people to set up and due to restrictions from the city, it has to start and end early. My setup time was 4:45-6:30AM. First race starts at 7:00AM… early for the racers too!

Setting up fencing…
photo 1 (1)

SRAM SAG vehicle for people with mechanicals

photo 2 (2)

Hanging out at Starbucks before the races and a good chance to test out my new Sony A99 camera

photo 3 (1)

Here’s a video of the Elite 3 Category race

  The course is relatively technical with a hairpin and a chicane followed by a long straight and sharp left. There was plenty of room for everybody but I heard there was a crash in the afternoon after I left. Overall, it was a great experience to setup and help out with the event, especially one that is both a race and a ride for a cause. Enjoy the photos below!

Category 4


Category 4 Pack several laps inDSC00154

Category 4 Solo Leader (who lead by a good margin and won)DSC00220

Men 45/55+ 1/2/3


Men 45/55+ 1/2/3 WinnersDSC00321

Men’s Elite 3DSC00383

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