2018… What a Year!

Time seems to accelerate with a child… They say “days are long but the years are short”… and it’s pretty much spot on. I haven’t been contributing to my blog as much as I’d like, but I cannot miss the 2018 review post for my personal sanity and as a nice recap of the things me and the fam have done in 2018. I’ll keep it to a mostly photo post, but wanted to touch a few themes that have resonated with me for this year…

I wouldn’t be able to post about this year without the biggest thing that’s happened to our family.. Finley Oliver! I’ve been meaning to write about parenthood, but I don’t have the time nor energy for that right now.


Cooking is a new and growing skill of mine at home. While it’s not impressive yet, I hope to continue to learn and grow into more exciting (and exotic) dishes. Some new highlights this year include my first prime rib, asian bone soups, a bunch of stir fry, baked chicken thighs and a few other dishes. I guess the lesson here is that practice makes perfect (and looking up good recipes online 😊).



Bleu and Taro have taken a back seat to the baby, but they’re still very much part of this family. Bleu will be 7 years old in a few months and Taro will be 5… time flies, I remember when they were just cute little puppies.


Family has also taken on a new definition with increased time spent with our parents and other relatives. Amazing what a little baby does to your family. More on that hopefully in another post.


Hobbies – given limited time in the day and that Finn actually sleeps from ~6:30PM-6:30AM, it’s difficult to get out on a bike ride or out of the house for a reasonable amount of time by myself. I’ve taken into a little niche hobby of modding Seiko watches. It’s been super fun and I’ll write about it later.


Work. The only thing I’ll say about that is the immense appreciation I have for working parents and their ability to perform at high levels given whatever may be happening at home.

Now onto the photos!

This year’s theme will be one of the most memorable photos of each month.

January. We took our babymoon in Hawaii and had an amazing time. We’ll definitely be back with Finn!


February. Museum of color, trying to enjoy some of our last months before child.


MarchBaby shower! One of Betty’s closest friends was also expecting.


April. Getting closer, we had set up the nursery and had a maternity photoshoot.


May. Mayday! j/p. Finley Oliver Wong was born on 5/11/2018, just one week after Betty’s birthday. Boy were we in for a ride!


June. This pretty much sums up the whole first few months with our new baby.


July. One of his first smiles caught on camera… plus he had the best old-man hair!


August. 10 years of friendship and now babies a month apart.


and here they are again in December


September. Found just a little bit of time away for myself to do some photography at the Lick Observatory.


October. Found time to ourselves to enjoy James and Claire’s big day. Look, we resemble real people again.


November. Rounding out the year with Betty’s favorite holidays… and Fin’s first cold.


December. Spent a lot of time with my in-laws and did a lot of clowning around, but it was very nice to have Finn’s very first Christmas with a gigantic tree!


Happy New Year to y’all and I hope that 2019 will be filled with more excitement, laughter, fun and more!


Best Face of the Year


Best Video of the Year


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