Cycling – Photoshoot with Vamovo

Two Thursday’s ago, I was asked by a few former colleagues to do a photoshoot for their new site Vamovo. Vamovo is a new platform where athletes can earn rewards on high-quality products by achieving goals. Right now, they’re focused on cycling mileage, but I assume they’ll be continuing to grow and expand on different types of goals as well as exercises.



We had a chance to explore some of the cool buildings in PA. Below is a brick one that proved to be a good backdrop.


Detail shots are particularly good against aged or older buildings.


Since Social Capital wouldn’t let us use their cool doors, we found this cool wall next to their building on the left side of the North Face store.


Finally, the only Candid shot with both Ant and Noah, the minds behind the site!


Noah in action! Carrying a bike too small though. Allez!


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