a new puppy… what!

New puppy time?

It's Shiao Time

Andrew and I have been thinking about getting another dog for a while.  We have had such a wonderful time raising Bleu and think she would benefit greatly from getting another friend!  (I think Bleu is excited too…what do you think?)1510523_10102532624726573_427376664_nWe contemplated on if we should get a different type of dog this time around to change it up but ultimately decided that another Frenchie would be just perfect.  Frenchies have great temperaments, they are low-key,  do not require a lot of exercise, and they are super loyal, but mostly they are just extremely adorable.  I also wanted to get another dog because I have secret ideas about how my dogs would be besties, sleep together, and hang out all the time!

2This past weekend we went to go look at a litter of puppies from Fog City French bulldogs, Sue (the owner) does a wonderful job making…

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