Paradise Falls Hike

  While on a recent visit down to SoCal for our friend’s wedding, I was able to escape for a little bit and found a nice little hike in Thousand Oaks. It is part of the Wildwood Regional Park and yes, it did have water even with our drought. I’ll keep this post short since the pictures do ti more justice than my words, but it was a fun little hike that was pretty easy and I met a nice couple who was nice enough to guide me along.


The entrance to the park was a nice flat area that you could see out for a few miles. The weather was overcast, perfect for hiking in this uncovered area.


  I stopped off at a nice little peak about 1.5mi in and got a nice panoramic view of the area. (click on the image to see the full size)


On the way down to the falls, we passed what seemed to be some sort of concrete manufacturing plant.


We had to use this little bridge to cross the roaring river…


Even being in such a serious drought, there was a waterfall that was about 20′ tall. It was very calming but the water at the bottom was relatively still, so there were a bunch of mosquito’s and over course a stench.


New friends, new hike and a good bud getting married… now that’s a great weekend!

IMG_20140920_113605 (1)

Oh and a bonus photosphere of the falls

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