Closing out 2016

2016 has been an amazing, yet tough year. We witnessed a crazy election, many changes around the world, many many losses and much more. It’s easy to focus on all of the tough times, but there is still plenty to be grateful for… and with that, here are some highlights from 2016 with just a few words, but mostly curated pictures that really sum up my 2016. Enjoy and here’s to making 2017 an excellent year!

Getting out to nature. Get out more, see more, do more! We did our first backpacking/overnight camp trip as well.



Japan. Kyoto, Osaka, and Nara – Amazing taste of Japan’s culture.



Mendocino – thankful to be on a great team that has grown so much!


Portland – Betty’s big 3-0 bday with friends, donuts and beer!

Hawaii – revisiting Oahu and exploring the Big Island with future family.


House Renovation (lots of Home Depot). Countless runs to Home Depot, tons of learning and lots of investment into our home. Bleu should be the HD mascot!



Las Vegas – another year, another trip. This time Pete and I got to drive supercars!


New York x4 – work work work work work. Good times, good bonding with teammates and our agency folk and great views of NY.

Tahoe, once for fun, once for work/fun. Either way, good people, good eats and of course casino time!


Cycling was a down year this year, down on miles and a little boo boo. Goodbye Look 586 and welcome Look 675. Back to full force in 2017! PS. Thank you to the stranger who picked me up and drove me back to my car. I tried calling, but you never picked up!




Brosgiving – yearly tradition with a twist this year, a huge ass King Crab!


Family, my pillars of support and reminders of what’s most important in life.



HK/Macau – last minute visit to see the fam…


Remembering Grandpa… Thank you for all that you have given to our family and I’ll always remember you fondly.




Thank you 2016 for all of your ups and downs, challenges and wonderful gifts. Time goes by so quickly now, let’s cherish 2016 and make 2017 even more memorable!

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