First Backpacking Trip – Young Lakes

Last year, Betty and I decided we wanted to give real backpacking a try. We have a couple of friends who are pretty “hardcore” doing multiple day backpacking trips that cover many miles each day, so we thought it would be a good idea to go with them.

First, it was a good idea… but damn when we were there, it sure seemed not so good! lol Second, we chose a route that wasn’t too tough, but it was all up on day 1 and all down on day 2.


The first night, we glamped and sure it was easy :).


The second day, we set up camp with quite a change of scenery at the top of Young Lakes.


Dave brought his fly fishing gear and was able to actually catch a little guy!



Amazing views at 10K+ ft up!DSC03564DSC03598IMG_2143

What you guys didn’t see was the ~30lb pack of gear and me huffing and puffing (and taking breaks) while hiking up!

And finally a fun time-lapse of the area we were camping at…


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  1. RyanC says:

    Looks like quite the experience!!
    I’m sure the scenery was well worth the hike though!
    If you’re ever in Australia – I recommend going to Tasmania.
    I recently went there and hiked up a few mountains and was rewarded with some absolutely stunning views!

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