Thank You 2017 (A Photo Post)

Reflecting back on 2017, I had a few thoughts on how to continue to change and grow in 2018. But I’ll be using this post as a photo journey through the last year. I’ve divided it up into different themes – enjoy!



Bleu was our first and is still our pup. This year she’s calmed down a bit around Taro, but has definitely shown her true colors around people. She shamelessly walks up for free pets and for those she’s familiar with, makes the most hilarious frog whine/bark of excitement.


Taro has also changed quite a bit this year. She’s become more relaxed and really owns the “on/off” mode in her day to day. She can easily be the laziest dog, basking in the sun and lounging all day. But when you say “dinner” or “do you want to go to… the dog park”, she’ll buck and run, perk up and jump around, eagerly waiting for her car ride. When she see’s a tennis ball, her energy is endless and her only motive in life is to play!



Sassy is an extended family dog. She’s my brother and sister in-laws pitbull rescue and has a heart of pure gold. She’s very similar to Taro. She’s calm and easygoing when it’s family time, but also really loves to play. She’s not quite aware of her size and loves to cuddle and get butt scratches. ❤


As we grow older, losing close ones become an inevitable part of our lives. On the flip side, our friends and families grow. People get married, have children and we meet new people who fold into our lives. As with each passing year, I’m ever so grateful for those around me who give me great meaning to push on, be the best that I can and be a good role model for the next generation (most of the time :P).

2017 rang in a few more wedding bells with some of our closest friends.

And of course another year of great times with each other!

And of course, Betty likes to have a little fun at my expense.

y1TcjZC - Imgur



Sprinkled in a little running…

Photography – swapped my Sony A99 for an A7RII and it’s never been better!


Nintendo Switch on the down time as well as a healthy dose of Clash Royale and Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Hey, I work with the Google Play team… gotta know what I’m sellin’ right?


Our home continued to evolve in 2017. We tried to put the finishing touches on the inside and back yard. It’s been quite a journey, but it’s definitely lookin’ and feelin’ good!

We were finally able to enjoy it this summer.


We also did some work on the garage, finished the blinds in our living space, put the finishing touches on our room wall and bar. I even surprised myself that I can be (kind of) handy at home!


Life at Google has been challenging, amazing, demanding and rewarding. Entering 2017, I thought surely Q1 would be much slower than Q4 (the typical crazy quarter). This year kept pace with last and then some. However, my third year at Google has been phenomenal. I felt that I’ve grown professionally, personally and have experienced some of the best of what being at such a large company has to offer. I am so thankful to work both on and with such wonderful folks around the globe (including our agency partners) and it has afforded me the opportunity not only learn from others, but about their cultures, regions and lives!

Singapore for a work trip, not bad right?

I also visited the London offices this fall.

Team outings and offsites are a fantastic way to both talk shop and get to know the people you see every day on a different level. One thing that I find particularly interesting is that we work with so many of the big names in media from CBS to Snapchat, Vox to Refinery 29.

Snap really nailed it when they visited our office with the balloons and cupcakes.

And finally, I’m really proud of the campaigns that I’ve been a part of from Google Play to Project Fi, Chromebooks and Change the Game (Celebrating and empowering women in mobile gaming).

Ultimately, there is so much to be thankful for. Thanks to all the the folks who have touched my life in many ways, shapes and forms. 

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