Morimoto – Napa

  I’ve wanted to try Morimoto Restaurant in Napa for quite some time (a few years) and finally got to go for two friends’ celebrations!



  Toro Tartare – accompanied by wasabi, nori paste and sour cream as well as a shoyu dipping sauce. The presentation was interesting and we ate it with a flat spoon.


  Spicy King Crab – this was amazing. Not too spicy, but a great warm appetizer with some green mango on the side.


Morimoto Bone Marrow – I personally love bone marrow, so we had to try this. It was amazing in terms of volume and a nice crusted top.


The table ordered a few sets of chef’s selection in both sushi and sashimi. Between red snapper, tuna, hamachi, salmon and more… It was a great selection and fresh sashimi.



  The o toro was amazing too!


We finished the meal with Morimoto’s version of Mango Pudding and a Chilled Souffle Cheesecake.




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