2018 Themes

Woo, this one has been sitting in my “drafts” since Jan… Decided just to wrap it up and publish…

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Make more with less.

“Where does the time go?”… as 2017 came to a close, I can barely remember what I did in Q1 of 2017. In the same vein, every night at 10PM, I’m heading to bed and thinking, what did I do with the 4 or so hours that I’ve had at home?

Remember when you graduated college? Life was simple, find a place to rent and a job to pay for rent. Fast forward a few years, you’ve probably got car payments, increasing costs (arguably luxuries)… and sooner or later you may have a significant other, a family and so forth. There still are only 24 hours in a day and as you age, less sleep isn’t the answer.

Now more than ever, take a look at your day and ask yourself if the things filling up your calendar are really additive to your life. But… don’t forget that sometimes you just need things for yourself. For example, I play Clash Royale.

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 Make time for less and actually, do more…

I wrote before about work and life balance. I’m finding it increasingly difficult to call it that as it’s all just life. While I admit that work can be just work, I do find joy at work. No, not just the perks ;). In a meeting heavy culture, prioritization one of the few levers that keeps you from working around the clock. Similarly at home, things continue to only get busier.

People make lists. Others just have the focus to cut things out that they don’t need. I kinda do both, but ends up being close to neither. However, that’s why I made the best choice of my life to marry my wife. The balance she brings to our relationship really helps me focus and prioritize what’s best for our family.

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 Family & Friends

Do more as they become fewer and fewer…

After stating the first two, it becomes very apparent that with our limited time, our closest friends and family members are those who we should focus on. It’s funny, I have life-long friends who I consider myself very close to… but only see them a few times a year. I have great friends who I see way more frequently and friends who I’ve become very close with over the past several years. All in all, as I’ve grown up (somewhat), I’ve learned to cut out the bullshit and build a tighter circle of great friends.


At the end of the day – prioritize time with your friends and family. But don’t forget about yourself!

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